Sermon: Point of No Return DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{Romans 7:7-25} Why do we struggle with sin? What does that say about our spirits? Pastor Drew tackles a difficult chapter from the Apostle Paul in Romans 7.

Sermon: Gospel Confidence DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{Acts 18:18-28} How was Paul able to be so bold in his preaching, despite the many challenges he faced? In Acts 18, God reminds Paul that He will always be with him. This confidence that comes from God inspires Paul to a life devoted to Gospel evangelism. That confidence is ours, … Read moreSermon: Gospel Confidence

Sermon: The God of Hope DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSPastor Les Kuiper joins us for the 150th Anniversary celebration. His message on Lamentations 3:19-27 reminds us to celebrate God’s faithfulness even during hard times.

Sermon: So, 150 Years, Now What? DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSPastor Tom Pettinga joins us for the 150th Anniversary celebration. His message on Revelation 5 reminds us to be worshiping, praying, and focusing on the Lamb.

Sermon: The Early Church Spreads the Gospel DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{Acts 3:1-10} Pastor Mike VanDerDyke–missionary to Nigeria–joins us during Missions Emphasis Weeks to talk about the state of the global church and how we can we help.

Sermon: How to Ruin a Diet DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{James 2:14-26} We’ve made excuses for lazy Christianity. It’s time for that to stop, and it’s time for the Church to represent Christ as we ought.

Sermon: Humbly Possessing the Mind of Christ (Tom Soerens) DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{I Corinthians 2} Where does wisdom come from? What does it mean to have the “mind of Christ?” Pastor Tom Soerens explores those themes in our morning worship.

Bold Testimony DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS{II Timothy 1:1-9) Ever thought your testimony wasn’t exciting enough to share? Does it ever cause you to doubt your faith? II Timothy 1:1-9 tells us Timothy’s testimony, and it might be a lot like yours.