To Judge or Be Judged

{Luke 6:37-45} There’s a fine line between accountability and judgment. Perhaps the most pervasive stereotype of Christians is our aptitude to judge. Jesus articulates quite clearly where the line is, and implores us to be on the right side. Pastor Drew talks about the posture we are to take in judging to emulate Jesus’ life … Read moreTo Judge or Be Judged

Foundation Gospel

{Luke 6:38-48} The parable of the two builders is an easy one for us to follow, but we sometimes get too focused on the storms and forget that the power is in the Foundation. Who, really, is your cornerstone? Pastor Drew unpacks the importance of that foundation. DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Tough Love

{Luke 6:27-36} What does it mean to forgive our enemies? This is a difficult part of Christian life, but something Jesus clearly articulates. Pastor Drew walks us through what Jesus asks of us in Luke 6. Watch here DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

The Usual Suspects

{Luke 6:12-16} Luke lists for us the disciples that Jesus calls to be His apostles. At first glance, it’s simply a list of names. Zack Flipse explains why this moment in 6 is incredible significant. Jesus makes a bold and daring proclamation to His followers: There is no one I can’t use. Watch here … Read moreThe Usual Suspects


{Luke 5:27-39} Jesus calls a tax collector. Jesus calls a traitor to the Jews. Jesus calls an egregious sinner. Jesus calls someone society considered ‘too far gone.’ Then Jesus eats with him and his friends. Watch here DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS